OK I do apologize

It was a good weekend but it kind of felt like trying to have a good time on death row. This week is going to be a pisser but I will get through it and out the other side. I have been remiss in the posting department because I don’t want to just sit here pissing and moaning about a job that I don’t like. Even I cant stand reading about it anymore.

It would be easy about now to regret some choices I’ve made in my life but I am completely aware that everything done to this point has lead me right here. The good far outweighs the bad. This winding road has just dealt me a crappy work situation for now but everything else is going pretty good. I have not yet begun to float resumes just yet because I have an insider in Human Resources getting me a list of what the “job sourcers” as they are called in my company search for on a daily basis. She thinks it is so I can improve the search for current team members but I am trying to see what I should include in a updated resume.

It’s all good and I’ll update as much as possible from the seven trials of stupidbad.

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