wandering eye

It is no secret that I am looking for a new vocation and during my seven hours of driving today I found myself falling in love with every business I passed. I tried to imagine what I could do for each company and how great it must be to work there… I know, I know, but I was bored. I am well aware that every company has its problems and blah blah blah but I can’t seem to shut off my mind. At one point I even found myself looking with green eyes at the truckers I kept passing.

That was until I stopped at a gas station truck stop in Indiana to evacuate my bladder and get some more liquids. As I was doing my thing at the urinal there was  guy in the stall dropping bombs. That was where the guild wore off of the trucking lily a bit but the capper was a sound coming from the stall that I had a hard time identifying. Then it hit me that the bathroom bomber was multitasking. It was the unheard of tooth brush electric shave combo not yet sanctioned for international competition due to its high degree of difficulty.

It took a tremendous amount of restraint to not glance over the top of the stall just to see if he wasnt spinning plates on his knees or something but I didn’t have time for a fight so I just left well enough alone. Trucking is officially off of the list.

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