Its all good

That is the attitude that I’m taking on pretty much everything right now. I am still going to be a ball busting smart ass but the things that are going on in my life that I have little control over are not going to be allowed to ruin the other parts  that are truly great. My family could not make me any happier and my friends dominate all others. I need to do a better job at taking care of those relationships rather than allowing the evil shitheads I work with to consume my every waking hour. This is just how I chose to roll from now on.

That’s not to say that there are not going to be some flair ups along the way but I refuse to turn into some of my colleagues. I had two different peers tell me that they are now taking load leveling medication due to the stress at work. If you have to take drugs to make a job bearable that might be a sign that its time to look for new employment. I do so love a company that is turning an entire flight of midlevel managers into pill popping fraidy cats.

The weather is interesting as well going from almost seventy yesterday to cold and snow this morning. Most of the hood has successfully escaped this weather as they skip out on Spring Break. Due to my awesome work schedule and Liza’s break starting a week later our kids get to entertain themselves this week. I think I’ll put this one down as a character building exercise to make myself feel better. Probably not going to work. Everyone have a great weekend.

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