New business idea

I am working out a plan for a personal secretarial service. I will hire people looking for part time or extra income to assist those who need a little help. The busier people get the more minutia they are just not getting done. I for one have a pile of shit that needs doing but I cant figure out how to make that happen with my new schedule and I am willing to bet that I’m not alone.

The details are a little too broad right now but I’m thinking about different charges for different levels of assistance. Phone and paperwork would be one charge and sitting in a customers home would be another. (waiting for the phone or cable people comes to mind) Then there would be another tear of charges that would pertain to the running of errands.

This is in the idea stage but I think there is a market for it out there somewhere and with so many people out of work I think getting quality help will be the least of my problems. Now I need to go work on this enormous list of things to get done before another week of travel-o-rama.

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