I’m not sure exactly who the evil genus is behind these hoarder shows but he, she, or they have me in their spell. I can’t get enough of these people buried in mountains of saved debris. I don’t know why but I am drawn to these programs to the point of obsession. I find myself looking for the potential hoarders all around me. It is turning into a full time hobby.

I thought about writing a fan letter to the producers of the show with the hopes that I could convince them that a guided tour of these shite piles could be “healing” and “beneficial” to those who just can’t throw anything away.  I also have some experiments to suggest like backing up a dump trucks full of super-balls to fill the remaining space in various rooms until they have literally no where else to go in the home. Not to torture mind you but in a effort to understand the disease.

They keep taunting me with the typed fact the more than 3 million people are compulsive hoarders. Zoinks! Where are they all hiding and don’t say behind massive piles of things they need to throw away because that’s where I’m already looking. If you are one of these individuals I want to help. I want to see if my distract and throw stuff out method can do some good. I don’t really believe these so called experts and their contention that it would be devastating to the hoarder. They have no idea where or what anything is until its unearthed and waved in front of their face on the way to the Got Junk truck.

Usually these people have had life altering events that have triggered this disorder but more than one has stated that they started by collecting things. This deeply offends my one bag dream lifestyle. I think if I end up on the receiving end of some severe tragedy I will go crazy-has-nothing-face-punching-homeless dude. That’s just a theory but based in fact.

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