a weird end to the week

I have said before that Sundays are not always fundays for me lately because it signals the beginning of another travel-o-rama. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday away is already annoying me and I am a little more than a month into the new position. (I was going to try for something pithy regarding position and bent over with my elbows on the table but I just cant get there right now.) So Sunday is usually bittersweet as we try and go out to eat and spend a nice night as a family getting ready for the week to come.

Today is upside down because Katie and Liza are off on an overnight college visit. That means that I need to get Maggie and Max over to Mom and Dad’s for the night because I can’t drop them off at school due to some ridiculously normal hours of operation. And by normal I mean that I can’t get them ready at four thirty and trust that they will make it out the door at seven ten and eight o’clock with any certainty.

Its throwing me way off. I will take M and M to dinner early and swing them by their sleep over then come back and pack. I will also work on taking some of my own advise and finish punching up the resume over the next two days with an after Easter job hunt launch date. Life’s too short to be this disgruntled so I need to figure out how to become gruntled once again.

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