eat at Fred’s

One of my guys up here in Wisconsin took me to a little restaurant bar for lunch that advertized World’s Best Burgers. Now I have fallen for this trick more than I care to admit but this guy was swearing by the place and he – like me – was sporting an impressive burger loving physique. We walked in to Fred’s and I liked it right away. It is a bar that you just feel comfortable in and had it not been for this pesky job I would probably still be seated.

I was told that on your first visit you should eat the Fred Burger so that’s just what I did. I will go back at some point, eat there again and take some pictures but these guys are still getting used to me and I don’t have a good bullshit cover story as to why I would photograph my lunch and the place we were eating. There is no way I’m letting stupidtom out of the bag at this particular company. If I didn’t know better I could swear I worked in a douche bag factory because I am completely surrounded the entire time I am at work.

Luckily I have found how therapeutic it is to update your resume. A little at a time gives your soul just enough hope to make it through the next day.

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