a couple of quick tings

I need to start saving some parts of certain stories or else I will have nothing to talk about in front of my friend Doug. Not only does he read this crap every day but he retains EVERYTHING. I need to figure out how to get that fixed…

Next up I forgot to mention during my tales of poisoned food that I sustained another head injury. As I was driving back on my evacuation tour of Wisconsin and Illinois I stood up too quickly after a particularly vigorous vomit session. This stall had a coat hook mounted to one of the side panels and it was missing its protective rubber nub. And now I have scars forming on both the front and back of my skull. It is a super sweet look.

Luckily the smoke was so thick at Georges last night that no one asked me what the hell I did to my head. It was a good impromptu time and I had to punch out a little after one. I am off today trying to get stuff done maybe more later…

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