same douche different day

This particular day started with an idiot right out of the gate. I normally have an extremely low fool suffering threshold but today for some reason it rolled right off my back. I think there is so much going on in my personal life that I just have no time for anything outside of work at work. I even passed up a chance to exercise my dormant ball busting black belt as he tried some witty banter attempting to poke fun my way. I just let it pass.

That actually scared him a little bit because he turned into one of my kids when they think I’m disappointed with their behavior. He became the friendly, helpful, over-talker and I treated him to my best could care less if he died in front of me look. I also let him know that he and I had no further need to communicate but I thanked him for his efforts thus far. I think I’m going to treat him to a different me every day that we interact.

In his version of stupidtom I am this cranky mental patient and that’s just the way I like it.

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