an old foe

Wednesday is bacon day at the hotel where I always stay and I know that it was the culprit behind my poisoning last week. That didn’t make it look or smell any less delicious this morning as I perused the free breakfast selections. I did not partake of its porcine goodness but there is a part of me, the same part I surmise that triggers my love of all things bad for me, that is still upset that there are no nitrates in my system as I sit here.

Speaking of sit and here; I am waiting for a meeting to start that I am forty-five minutes early for and I have nothing better to do than thumb type this in my phone. I am having some spelling anxiety because for some reason I chose now to use a bunch of words outside my normal vocabulary and I have no real way to check them. Oh well, that killed six minutes. Sorry about the spelling and this thing making little sense. Peace love and bacon.

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