A new menace

I don’t understand and therefore am afraid of the Liberty Tax people. If they have not yet infested your particular spot on the globe consider yourself lucky. I think I am seeing more of them because we are getting down to tax crunch time but understanding doesn’t make it an better. For those who don’t know about this menace let me explain:

The Liberty Tax organization sends someone out in front of their shops dressed as the Statue of Liberty. Foam crown, foam torch, and in the worst case complete identity disguising green face paint. This is supposed to entice you to swing in on your commute and have them figure out your state and federal income tax.

I think that pictures should be taken of and files started on anyone who decides to trust these folks with their taxes. I just don’t get it. The advertising part worked because I know their name and what they do but I would never give them a dime of my money let alone allow them to take a peek at any of my personal information. I would however love to see this company be on that Undercover Boss show and have the CEO stand out on a curb in the rain for a day…

More on this once I get a picture.

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