Nice weather and a sty…

A beautiful couple of days and a good party last night meant no posting from yours stupidly. Then this morning I woke up with what I thought was a black eye. After making Liza swear that she didn’t punch me at some point after I came home I decided with some not so gentle prodding to head to the doctor. Yesterday my eyelid was itchy which was weird but I cleaned the garage and then spent all day outside at a track meet so I figured that something was in there and just needed some time to work its way out. Nope.


The doctor says its a sty which he explained was some blocked something or other. I don’t really give a crap what it is I just want it gone. Driving up to Wisconsin tomorrow morning early is going to be fun stuff. I got me some antibiotics because the doctor seems to think that it is a doozy.


I don’t know what has talking about but I might put on some eye shadow and liner to balance out my look as I have to hold a meeting at 8:00am. I think the new look could work for me.

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