Polish identifier

Conspiracy theorist stupidtom thinks that the death of Polish leadership might be a hoax designed to expose all of the Polish citizens around the world. Like a Census-ski. OK that wasn’t funny but I can’t believe the amount of Pole that is showing around here this week. I know that Chicago has the second largest Polish population next to Warsaw but I had no idea that I was constantly surrounded. And now they are displaying flags everywhere.

Cars, t-shirts, stickers, they are everywhere. Were I Pole I would worry about the anti-Polish faction cataloging locations and vehicles. I’m just saying they should opstay with the agsflay.

This is right up there with the NRA people and the guys who keep registered legal firearms. When the Chinese overrun us they are going to use lists to clean up potential troublemakers. I can fit about two dozen of you in my fortified cave located somewhere in the western half of these United States. Wolverines!!!

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