last night got me thinkin

There was some stupidtom discussion going on and it had me thinking about the lost years. There was a time where I had a presence on the web as I was trying to teach myself to build web pages. It was before the internet was user friendly. I had an unhealthy obsession with computer magazines and tons of time on my hands as Liza and I worked different schedules. Those years were pathetic but I think worth trying to find. The problem is going to be remembering just where those early things were located.

I have been looking through all of the archives that I have and there is nothing older than what I currently have posted. Now I’m going to have to go to the internet except I cant remember what I called myself before I came up with stupidtom. Crappy but it is going in the open investigations file. The good thing that came from last night was the rediscovery of the old stupidstore. I haven’t been there in years and it only came up after they sent me a credit from long ago.

I ordered a sticker with it but I really need to re-doo I used to have a bunch of pictures I stole from the web on t-shirts but I got in trouble for some copy write infringement and had to pull them down. after that I kind of lost interest and have probably only sold a dozen things over the last eight or so years. This thing never has been about making money but back then I was trying to find a way to pay for the hosting and my computer obsession. Never really panned out but luckily the eight or nine bucks a month it that this costs isn’t a problem anymore.

If anyone remembers what I was called or where I hosted it let me know. I have searched through the old Radio-Userland stuff, Tri-Pod, AOL, ATTBI, with no luck. I think this might turn into a minor obsession.

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