a creepy milestone

Tonight when I checked in to this hotel they knew me at the front desk. I do not like this development. Next week I plan on staying somewhere else. I have just made up a new personal rule that I don’t want to become a regular anywhere that I don’t enjoy. Crap, I am probably considered a regular at my current job and I don’t think I could enjoy that any less.

In an ironic twist it looks like I have earned yet another bonus which will yet again delay my out loud and proud job hunt. By that I mean I will begin to post my resume to some more public sites. Right now I have just done some light fishing in secure waters and the only nibble was from a company in Houston that wants me to come run a couple of locations in my old field. As soon as it was brought up in conversation Liza slapped it out of the air like a midgets jump shot. Sooooo it looks like relocation is out of the question.

And I should say that I have been dragging my feet regarding the job search because this new three days of travel every week thing is kicking my ass. I can’t seem to get into any sort of comfortable rhythm and my two teams require almost constant supervision. Its a weird pickle I find myself in right now but I do know I hate being away more than I’m home. a conundrum fo sho.

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