weird confrontation today

I was at a meeting and one of those svelte runner types was talking to the group about his running routine. I was paying my usual no attention when I think he was trying to include me in the conversation. I heard something about shape and Tom so I looked away from my always entertaining iPhone. “What do you do to keep in shape?” he asked.

I think this was supposed to be funny but I answered anyway. “If you mean my current shape of a smaller former wrestling great Andre the Giant then my only answer is living the dream.” He had no immediate reply so I considered the matter closed but he responded with something about the Princess Bride as if to clue our audience in on my ancient reference. “Nope” said I “That was after he stopped wrestling and dropped a little weight. I am going for a scale model concept minus the gigantism facial features and the hair although he had some sweet lamb chops off and on during his career.” Again a big pause. Apparently the running doesn’t speed up the synaptic responses of the brain.


This picture was just the first one I could find which highlighted his awesome one strap wrestling singlet costume. I think that might be a giant mullet as well. I’m not sure my friend was ready for this whole discussion or for me to pull the spotlight off of him. I went on to bring up OBEY THE GIANT and it’s origins in Andre the Giant has a Posse which he knew nothing about but some of our audience members enthusiastically remembered. (deep breath after that whopper run-on sentence)

andre_the_gianthasaposse1 ObeyGiant

I showed them the OBEY background that I keep on my iPhone and then the break was over. As we walked back into the room I told my new friend that I would love to discuss animals in the wild that need highly developed flight responses but I don’t think we were really friends anymore.

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