I am beat down but it was a good day. I finished with buying Maggie a birthday bike which just happened to be one of the first things I ever wrote about. I am getting tired of working my ass off and getting the verbal equivalent of a cheese grater to the scrotum. I now answer both of my current bosses with impressive pregnant pauses. I am silent to the point that they get uncomfortable. I love threats and the people who use them as a way to make themselves feel tough when their entire lives they have been the tool who never fit in.

Everyone felt picked on at one point or another. Everyone had tough things that they have been through. Most people chose not to pass on the fun. Those that do sometimes need to be taught a lesson. I am having trouble not plotting some kind of revenge during the regional meeting next week. I really need to dial my evil side back a couple of notches because the things I’m coming up with are scaring me a bit. If I get anything done and it wont incriminate me I’ll let you in on it. For now I need to go lie down with my eyes open and think. Man am I tired.

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