upon further review

I was corrected and I had written about my sexual harassment plot earlier but have no fear as this guy wants me gone so badly that he would have blown me up the day after he read it if he knew. (mental deep breath after that horrible whopper sentence…) On the off chance that he did stumble upon this crap I will break the third wall and speak directly to my foe:

“I am coming. Even if you figure out how to get rid of me I am coming. You have more enemies than you could ever know and I will come back to pile drive you in some way just to entertain them. well, and myself, but I think you knew or know that. Anyway just fire me you gutless douche nozzle because I could use some time with my family.”

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. I was at the Bears fan day with the boy today at Soldier Field. A great afternoon.


That’s him getting a ball signed by Matt Forte


I was a mere ten chairs away from Virginia McCaskey while she was signing autographs. She was wearing a custom Halas throwback jersey and I had to fight back the urge to charge her like an angry rhino. I realize she cant completely control her descendants but I need to blame someone and her dad is dead.


And then when I got home Pete stopped by with the license plate frames that he and Doug ordered last week in a stupor. I love poor choices.

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