weird week of war

First I need to tell those of you who sent concerned emails about my revenge stuff thank you for your concern but I am not completely crazy. When I serve up my revenge it will be ice cold and I will have a multilayered alibi. But in a related frightening example of self preservation psychic abilities the target of my rage scared me yesterday.He told me out of the blue that he just increased his personal umbrella insurance to four million dollars in case some random asshole accuses him of sexual harassment or something.

No one knows this because I haven’t told or written it down anywhere but that was one of my plans for this asshole. He drinks way too much especially when he travels and it crossed my mind to hang with him until he passed out in his room. Which is always the party room I might add because that’s the way he rolls. He is also a bit of a blackout drunk so it wouldn’t take much to strip him down and stage the room to scare the living shit out of him and implicate some wildly inappropriate behavior.

I must not be the only one thinking that way as there was enough bad energy in the air pointed his way to set off his self protection circuits. That would be awesome if there were like six of us hanging around his room next week at four some morning waiting for each other to leave. I will be the guy to break the ice and ask if anyone wants to… Still weird that I hadn’t yet put it out into the world and he tells me he’s defending against it. But a wall doesn’t mean you’re safe.

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