lacking week

This travel week to Atlantic City has absolutely kicked the crap out of me. I didn’t sleep last night because our shuttle picked us up at four in the morning so I didn’t see much point until now. I will fill in the details over the weekend and even try to figure out how to resend some of the stuff that didn’t stick from my iPhone. I was looking at stupidtom during the layover and none of my witty alcohol infused banter showed up. Apparently you need a signal to post from that thing… who knew?

The following shots are views from my room which I was in for a grand total of sixteen hours over the five days. I did not take pictures of the room because it was designed with my discomfort in mind. They wanted me the hell out of that thing and it worked. Uncomfortable bed, “broken” thermostat, 1980’s TV complete with eleven channels.


Another tower in this complex but you can see part of my ocean view.


The other side and a little peek into what looks like a quaint neighborhood between casinos.


After dark you don’t want to be anywhere in that little hood. They don’t run those sirens all night just to test them out. My head is killing me and I need to unpack.

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