i abstained

And I mean that I kept out of a dicey conversation. Two guys at work were kind of arguing over religion. I am more of a whatever makes you happy is good by me kind of person but this was Catholic on Former (and now militantly proud atheist) Catholic. It started with some minor jabs and I gathered that the two used to be a part of the same church. They were going back an forth to the point that I couldn’t stop watching.

I almost jumped in when Super Judgmental Baptist Guy joined the fray but my fellow Catholic was awesomely calm and knowledgeable. He answered direct shots about everything from molesting priests to no women priests to the lack of our sects overall evangelization with calm. There is a peace about him that made me jealous and irritated his opponents. I was sitting next to Catholic Yoda.

Then MPA (Militantly Proud Atheist) was talking about confession. He said something about his therapist helping him work through some of the things that the church had filled his head with and blah blah blah. SJBG (Super Judgmental Baptist Guy) started in about being saved but CY (Catholic Yoda) silenced him with some kind of Jedi mind trick glance in his direction.

“Psychotherapy is confession without absolution.”

BOOM CY! I wanted to chime in but I was staying out of this plus I had wasted enough time watching one of the oldest arguments on the planet aka Why My Way is The Best Way and Your Way is Stupid. Can’t win and anyone who thinks they have it all figured out is obviously crazy but I was fascinated by CY’s overall sense of Peace. It seemed like a nice place to live.

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