lesson learned

Today I tried to force a story and it didn’t work out very well. It would actually be more accurately described as trying to fresh squeeze some crazy. This dude I was riding with started telling me about a traumatic head injury that causes him to flip out and sometimes black out. After getting over my initial fear because he was driving I began to poke around for some details. It turns out that extreme jarring causes the reactions so I didn’t have anything to worry about unless we were already in an accident situation.

He had to quit his career as an NC2A umpire because pitches skipping off bats into his mask were knocking him the eff out. The conversation drifted away out of my control and I tried to reel it back in with a direct question: “What did you do on your worst flip out?” You would have thought I’d asked about his most recent child molestation conviction. The mood in the car flipped like a switch and he even made me stutter when he asked if I was taping him.

I stumbled because if the stuff was going to get good that idea would have been spectacular. Instead we went ice cold. It took me a solid twenty minutes to get things back on track. I never went back down the trauma trail but I will be working on more info. Its what I do.

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