one of those guys

I’d bet you know one of those people that you can’t say anything funny around because they just cant help but repeat it aloud. And usually its over and over and over until you regret ever uttering the pithy quip. There are a couple of guys at work that over repeat and as a guy what likes to pepper the infield with smartassery its getting annoying.

I should let you know that I absolutely love one of the worst offenders but he is like a kid that is shown something they shouldn’t have been and cant stop talking about it. I had friends like this throughout my life and the next thing you knew a dirty joke was being poorly retold but fully credited to you all over the playground. Or other kids that you didn’t really know were asking to see the centerfold you had folded up in your shoe. A ridiculous breech of ethics and security.

Like a moron I found and downloaded a cricket sound effect to be used anonymously on conference calls when someone asks a question that no one wants to answer or when someone is asking for volunteers. This is best used on huge calls and very sparingly. My other good friend and I shared the file with our other pal and he chose to use it on a call like a DJ laying down a beat. It was so annoying that I asked him to delete the file under threat of exposure. A slippery slope but he acquiesced because he saw the error in his unfunny overuse.

Lesson learned but I do so love people who laugh out loud at my mumblings. This crap doesn’t count because its not in the middle of conversational flow so its less impressive.

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