I have a weird team

I held a mass training meeting with my Illinois and Wisconsin teams all day today up in the land of cheese. It took a while but I think the group is beginning to gel. Right now it’s all guys ranging in ages from twenty three to sixty two but I’m about to add a forty one year old woman and a thirty year old with a club foot. I threw the foot thing is partially because its funny and partly because its just one more thing. As with all meetings the best stuff happened during the breaks.

I love stories from old school sales dudes. One of my guys was in business with Zig Ziglar and has proof. These stories are not my own so I’m not comfortable putting them down but let me tell you that he is old school and he has got game. We were on a college campus and watching this pack of misfit toys talk to girls was priceless.

Things got a little dicey and the title of this post is based on the stories of conquest  and days gone by. Again not my stories but a couple of them were so out of character that I think I might have been blushing and I don’t really do that. There is something uncomfortably awesome about old guys swearing like sailors on leave. I couldn’t get enough and even extended that break an extra twenty minutes to enjoy the scenery and the bragging. I am so worn out from six straight hours of running the meeting coupled with the two hour setup and hour tear down that I am sitting here with barely the energy to type. This thing is probably all over the road but I’m not even going to glance above. good night.

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