Happy Mommy’s Day

It was a good one around here. We went to Mom’s for lunch and then to the touching Mother’s Day film Iron Man 2. I’m still a little chapped over that development but it is not my day so I need to shut up. OK I can’t. I’ll tell you about the movie.

My son approached me with something he had obviously been thinking about for a while. “Hey Dad, I think we should go see Iron Man for Mother’s Day…” Absolutely not said I and went on to explain that every holiday is not about him. I also let him know that Marvel action figures would not make an appropriate present as long as we were straightening things out.

Liza overheard the whole thing and the next time they were alone she told our son that she would like to see the movie. He exclaimed “YES I knew you would and I told Dad you would!” Then he proceeded to hunt me down and rub it in. Perfect, lesson unlearned and one of my uglier passed down taunting traits rears up to haunt me. I will let this pass but still refuse to raise a spoiled little prick. One battle does not a war make.

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