long ponder but no conclusion

All weekend I have been thinking about this little thing I do on the internet. Liza and I were watching some show about an online web-logger-type person who made money doing just that. As someone who doesn’t read this nonsense and just barely tolerates its existence because sometimes it violates her personal disclosure policies I was initially puzzled by her comment. “Why don’t you figure out how to do that?”

What? I thought I missed something whilst doing my normal watching TV daydreaming. (by the way if this is some sign of a major mental disorder kindly keep your diagnosis to yourself) “Make some money with your web thingy.” After making a bad joke about not posting my thingy anywhere and getting the facial reaction equivalent of chirping crickets I let her know that its not really what this thing is about.. her reply was priceless and why I married her: “that’s dumb.”

She’s right it is dumb but to make money you have to have a theme. Porn, Sports, Gambling, Shopping, Reviews, the best earners at the web writing trade all work around a theme and then go get advertisers or sell stuff. I have only had one opportunity to cash this in and that was when some band in the UK wanted to buy it. Lest you think me stupid-er I was fully ready to sell even taking the time to make a PayPal invoice. Alas the band changed their mind last minute and my dreams of becoming a hundredaire were dashed against the rocks of failure.

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