Sunday is funday

Kicked the boy and his friends outside to fen for themselves and I dont even know what fen means. I do know that sitting inside “bored” bugs the shite out of me so they are in the park sitting on their hands for all I care. I am mid chores and needed to take a break because I got hit with a wave of unpaid bill panic. Crisis averted so I thought I’d post something quick.

I am working on a new party game called Better Half. The rules are simple: We all have friends where we only get along with one spouse in a pair. The game involves taking the favored partner and pairing them up with another. This is a present company excepted production and these games can get a little mean but its all good fun. As a potential cut partner depending on individual tastes I am un-offended and actually interested in potential pairings. More to come as I beta test this live at a party.

I also had a small side note to write about. My friend George had a minor trimcident this week and it cracked me up. He thought that his personal groomer had the guard up as he trimmed his eyebrows down from Gorbachev levels to something more human. Before realizing that his manscaper was set incorrectly he took one brow all the way down. It was truly awesome. He shunned my suggestion to mow the other one down and draw a permanent look of surprise on his face. I wish I could have snapped a picture but the reveal occurred at a wake and even I have limits.

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