A grown man kept saying word to your mutha in a meeting this evening like he had been hiding in a bomb shelter for the last twenty years and this is  new thing that all of the hip kids are saying. Now he is from up here in Wisconsin and an avid Packer fan so those are clear signs of mental impairment but after the third round I was forced to speak up.

Wisconsidiot: Word to your mutha

Me: Do you know what that means?

Wisconsidiot: Ya, its like you really like something and you want to tell everyone that you do.

Me: nope.

Wisconsidiot: Well then, what do you think it means?

Me: It means Tell your Mom hi implying that you are having sex with her…

Wisconsidiot: blank stare, long pause, doubting noooo it doesn’t…

I didn’t have to say another word and the nonsense stopped. I even cracked one of the other guys there up (who is about my age so it worked in a mixed crowd) by inserting a perfectly placed “Where’s the Beef?” I love screwing around in meetings about meetings to meet. I also doodled a phrase in that same gathering that I really liked.

I need a jobpository.

My subconscious cracks me up without even trying.

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