a scoop

I rarely do news type reporting but today I actually have something that very few people know. I was informed by my insiders at Speedway that there is a great deal on the horizon and it will only be available in the Chicagoland area. I have learned of the elusive sixty-nine cent any size soft drink special. They have done eighty-nine for the last couple years but it seems that my market is strapping some on in a quest for domination. Big win for the big stupid.

In other news I am becoming comfortably numb at work but things are coming to a head sooner rather than later. As more work with less help for the same and now possibly less money I am reaching my breaking point. I’m not going to do anything dumber than letting my boss know that this isn’t working. Could be the employment equivalent of suicide but at some point enough’s enough. The first salvo will be June 8th as I have to leave a National meeting at corporate to go watch my daughter graduate from the eighth grade. First one to protest gets both barrels.

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