irony or just a bummer

By the title of this post I am wondering if earning another bonus with this company that I now despise is ironic or just a bummer. The money still spends and I might need it when I let the no more responsibility cat out of the bag but seriously. And where does the phrase “let the cat out of the bag” come from? I always thought that drowning cats in a bag thing was an urban legend. Or at the very least a serial killer warning sign.

Like burying a [insert name of cute and fuzzy animal here] up to its neck so only the head sticks out and then running it over with the lawn mower. That is such a pile of bullshit. Most mowers can barely handle wet grass let alone skull fur and hide. If one of my children ever had that particular cranial malfunction it would be go directly to the loony bin, do not pass go and do not make me a part of your Bill Curtiss narrated real crime biography on A&E.

If you are one of my kids in the future reading this don’t take offence. All I was saying here is that I refuse to be interviewed in any way talking about how I thought some horrific animal torture was a phase blah blah blah. If you show any signs of becoming a Serial Killer or Clown we are going to have a problem. Anyway if you did break horribly bad on me the chances of you reading this are slim so carry on.

Speaking of the kids Max woke up this morning at five fifteen so he could say goodbye to me. That one punched me right in the feelings. He reminded me again as I walked out the door that he hates my current gig. That makes two of us my man.

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