typing through my mental break

That was a dramatic title that isn’t going to deliver from a content standpoint. I have just used this thing recently as a path to self discovery and it was done more in the posts I’ve deleted than in the ones you have read. The only exception to the laid played rule is when I’m typing on a machine that is not my own and usually that means to a text file on a thumb drive. This is the wrong way to get anything done but the only way to operate in our current informational climate. The problem with this method is that it allows me to reread the content and if it makes my a-hole pucker up in any way I usually just hit delete.

Case in point was an extremely emotional piece a couple of days ago where I was really feeling the crushing defeat that is my current state of career. Upon further review I hated the way that I sounded so I hit the delete key. This did however let me come to the conclusion that I do not want to work for a company that brings me to that particular state of mind. A company in fact where almost everyone at every level is in constant fear for their jobs. Its no way to get anything done and I will not be a willing participant.

I am a survivor and will figure out how to get something else going if this gig does blow up on Wednesday as predicted. But if it doesn’t go wrong I will make it very clear that I’m not going to cower in a corner and pretend that the Emperor isn’t naked. They get full on uncensored stupidtom trying to do the best possible job or they get nothing. This weekend I am taking as the vacation it should be and am enjoying it as much as possible. Everyone have a great time and rock out with your red white and blue cocks out.

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