I might go dark for the next couple of days

don’t be alarmed but I’m not taking my personal laptop on the road this week as potentially losing your job etiquette dictates traveling light. And as we have already established NEVER conduct personal business from a company machine. Once I get back in town Wednesday night it should be interesting no matter what the outcome but my spidersense is tingling like a bad case of all over jock itch.

I did spend the day assembling an enormous aluminum trampoline in a rain and lightning storm so that was a good time. Not the smartest thing I’ve done in a while but I’d already injured myself carrying the boxes around the side of the house yesterday so I just wanted to get it over and done. Mission accomplished. Next up will be the possible removal of my car port. Not sure if I’m going to do it for sure or not but it never hurts to plan a project ahead of time. (said the man that was trying to figure out how many sawsall battery charges it will take to cut it in half)

I am also doing some preemptive job hunting today just because it makes me feel better. Whatever gets you through the day I almost never say.

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