an unsatisfying result

Two days of bad meetings and I come out the other side feeling just as odd as I did going in. The problem is that I have some core problems with the direction that my current company is headed and no matter what I do, I can’t get right with the whole thing. So I blew my stack last week when I was pushed past my breaking point by the original Douche King. He has some current anxiety of his own going on and loves nothing more than spreading that to others.

Like AIDS patient zero he has no regard for who he infects and it is up to our shared boss to clean up the mess. So we have our summit (big boss and yours truly) and I lay out what is wrong and what I hate.He counters by telling me that I have been placed in the “HiPro” management category. As I am always one of the last onboard the jargon train I had to ask what that meant. High Profile and I immediately thought that meant troublemaker but it was not the case. This is not however the good thing he made it out to be.

It means that I am eligible for more responsibility which means more time away from my family and not a big salary bump. My job would look great on paper and could mean great things for my career if only I wanted this particular sort of career. I am struggling with a culture that is work at all costs and if someone burns out who gives a shit replace them. Good times. I will know more in a week but I will not be whining about work for a while unless I get clipped for constantly speaking my mind and then I’ll update away. I am in a weird place right now.

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