i am ditching some team building

sitting at home watching the Blackhawks playing words against Steve and completely hiding out from everyone in town from my company. (deep breath after that horrible sentence) I have no regrets after spending eleven hours with them today but the fact that I have to hide has me a little bent. Add a little therapeutic job hunting and the evening is complete. But enough about the career I currently find myself trapped in and on to the fun.

I was on my way home tonight and decompressing in the car listening to music on my iPod. I was at a light after being in traffic for almost an hour and paying almost no attention to anything but the car in front of me. The windows were down and a song I liked was loud in my headphones. I must have been deep into the David Essex because something tapped my shoulder and then tapped it harder and I screamed SHIT at the top of my lungs like a scared deaf person who has no idea about volume control.

The beggar in the white suite jumped back but still managed to hold the bucket out in front as a way of explaining their intrusion into my Rocking On but I was still riding the adrenaline wave so I shouted a beautiful bouquet of expletives and luckily the light turned green. I’m not sure what it looked like to the car behind me but the driver eventually passed me and gave me the thumb up. Glad I could brighten his day.

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