value add

I have been operating under the value add philosophy for a while now but there was an enormous flaw in my thinking. I have been trimming people and events from my life that don’t bring anything positive to the table when in fact I should have been looking in the mirror. This basically means that I need to try in all situations to enhance the experience of those around me unless they demonstrate their inherent unworthiness. The only way to accomplish that is to become a complete pain in my nuts by deliberately crossing me and or someone I care about.

Oops, there is another way and that is to become one of the afore mentioned people who only spreads misery and ill will. Get it? If someone only wants to bring me down then they become a ZERO VALUE ADD to my life and are therefore inconsequential. Life is already a nut kicking contest and I don’t need to be guarding against attacks from those I let in close. There is a lot more boring detail behind this but I want stupidtom to be more entertaining as well.

Ya my job pisses me off… WAAAAA Shut the eff up about that already. Everyone gets it. The big employed baby doesn’t like what he does for a living. Then change it you gigantic douche bag. He said to himself when he realized what a milk toast he has been sounding like lately. (By the way Milk Toast is one of my favorite old time substitutes for pussy. It’s right up there with “you’re not made of spun sugar” when telling someone to ignore the rain…)

Anyway, I hope you get it. Tomorrow I need to do a better job explaining the therapeutic benefits of a long and relatively spontaneous road trip. I am refreshed but have a butt crack of dawn meeting tomorrow.

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