continued for once

I usually don’t follow up right away even when I promise to do so but tonight is a different story. Yesterday I said I needed to explain the benefits of a road trip and I shall. This post is brought to you by my brother Sam. As we were talking about different things the lake house came up. He has never seen the place we are now calling our second home but he was talking about vacations at another place on the water and he said something that I want to have made into a sign; “No one sucks at the lake.”

He’s right. There’s something about being away from home no matter how close that almost makes everything OK and when you feel better you act better. (with the exception of the business travel nightmare in which I currently find myself trapped) He is generally nicer than I am so my own quote would probably be more swear filled but you get the picture. I think the same holds true for road trips. A better more relaxed attitude takes over when you are getting away and if you’re headed somewhere fun all the better.

We needed to go down and see the newly married cousins to balance the trip out to see Grandpa. There is something about crashing a party with a brand new cooler filled with beer that just feels right. And then when there happens to be a young man who is trying to impress the young lady he traveled with by showing off his drinking superiority all the better. Sadly things didn’t work out for him as planned. I’m sure in his circle of friends he is the dominant force getting to the point where you are yelling at the object of your affection about a mean text she just sent you is no way to start a relationship.

Sammy had no idea what was going on because he was inside and outside as well as making a beer run so he gave me a look that asked if this was serious or some kind of performance art that we were supposed to clap for. I gave him the double raised eyebrows that signified I have no idea what’s going on but lets see how weird it gets. He went with the storm outside and force people to talk him down angle while confessing his unrequited love to anyone who would listen. Yikes.

Anyway, sidetracked again but the road trip was just an awesome diversion from everything that’s been going on and I think I need to get on some kind of regular diversionary schedule of some sort.

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