been a bad poster lately

Had a spectacular weekend in spite of our power problems. The picnic was awesome as always but I need to learn that it is a marathon not a sprint. Even after attempting to pace myself I only had seven hours in me. At some point after ten I could no longer stand to make conversation of any kind. Liza happened to be walking by and asked if I wanted to go home. I jumped at the chance. The kids wanted to stay and watch the movie on the side of a house so I walked back an hour later and collected them.

Flip flops were a mistake and somehow with all of the setup and standing around my back and legs were killing me the next day. Everyone came to our house for Dad’s Day and that was nice and low key. It finished up last night with a family trip to see the A Team. A good all around weekend. Today was the normal scrotum stapling contest but I am no longer whining just trying to upgrade my situation. We leave on the train trip to Oregon in a week and I have a shite load to get done before we go but I will try to post as much as possible on vacation.

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