Too much ta do

This week is quickly becoming a pisser and I am getting whelmed. Exactly two weeks from the wedding I will be presiding over and I finally have the preliminary vows in my possession. I have begun work on the overall ceremony but the canned ones are very corny so I am starting from scratch with a healthy dose of plagiarism.  I take my internet ministerial duties very seriously so I will keep polishing this until I meet with the bride and groom. I will see if I cant scare up at least a video clip to post so you all can watch me work.

And speaking of work I told you about the cooler judging competition that I was in charge of at the neighborhood picnic and I wanted to post a picture of the winning entry.


Six Coronas frozen into a block of ice surrounded by six tequila shots complete with lime wedges packed in crushed ice and I’m not sure if you can tell from the pic but the cooler is wearing a coconut bra. I love my neighborhood.


That’s Maggie wearing a balloon hat that Dennis crafted for her during the gathering. He worked his ass off at a discount and all of the kids loved it. Thanks Dennis.

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