Storms are rolling through here HOT

This morning I drove up to Wisconsin in that black as night sideways rain with a side order of fifty mile per hour winds that scared the living crap out of me. Trucks were pulled over and we were all driving about thirty white knuckled miles per hour. An hour drive took me two and a half. By the time I got to the shop up there I was one hundred percent asshole not from concentrate.

Then I finish another awesome day just in time to drive back down in the midst of another complete and total storm-o-rama. Dark windy crazy and by the time I got home my right foot was actually sore. Weird shitty driving day and then I get the call that I was caught rolling through a right turn on red by the good people at photo enforcement. There’s a nice hundred dollar kick ion the wallet that I wasn’t expecting. Don’t get me started on the whole big brother writes tickets in absentia thing because its a tall soapbox so I talk long and loud.

Right now its an awesome shade of green outside which I think would mean trouble if we were at sea but luckily that is not the case. It would be just my luck to get sucked up into a tornado in THIS house and land on a witch in OZ. Me and this dump trapped in a dream slash alternate reality but its true nature as a killer would finally be out loud and proud for everyone to see even if they are all the soon to be extinct midgets.

I should explain the extinct thing as my friend Tim thinks there will be no more as quick as a generation from now as the genetic testing gets more exact. He is currently hatching a plan to breed them in captivity and start a zoo like genetic anomaly experience. He’s pissed because I told him that was a carnival sideshow and has been around longer than we have. If there is a little stupidtom fan out there don’t get your tiny hands all cranked up as this is not my idea.

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