me and my girlfriend were downtown today

and then we drove out to see her cousins and other assorted family. Liza is not a fan of traffic and at one point during our four hours trapped together she declared it “stupid.” I don’t love it but for some reason it makes her completely crazy.(er) It was a good all around day but I am sitting here stewing over things. The biggest of which is the extra house that we are currently carrying on our books. Its time for some drastic interior changes which means some more cash outlay. What the hell its only money.

Luckily I stopped myself from quitting about three hours earlier in the day which would have made my money thinking a bit more intense. My arch enemy had literally crawled up inside of my ass and it felt like he was laying eggs. Brutal, but as with most misery, given time, you can figure out how to cope. But do I really want to become gay for the stay or do I want to get shanked to death with a death grip on some broken off junk. In other words go down swinging. The answer seems obvious but these economic times make it un-so. (and that’s not even something you can make)

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