sitting in and hiding out

I have an assload to do before we head out on our great northwest adventure but I find myself watching TV online and dodging all of the afore mentioned work. I have got to get a car rented for the duration of our time in Portland and for some reason every time I start to book the car I get sidetracked. Look at me right this second. I am typing in this thing for no other reason that it is something that I don’t HAVE to do tonight. Weird.

Just spent the last ten minutes drooling over the new iPhone and then I had an idea for the wedding ceremony I am performing for my cousins. That didn’t turn out to be what I wanted and then an idea from my brother about wearing one of these while up with the couple


While that would work I thought the white might be more respectable…


Classy and cool both literally and figuratively but I don’t think even I could pull it off wearing this artfully arranged king sized white bed sheet.

Oh well, back to my original uniform much like the one I wore for the wedding I did in Hawaii. Nothing fancy but casual Big and Tall Classy. No need to spoil the surprise now because I am determined to have video for your entertainment but at the lease there will be pictures. I’d better book the minivan now.

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