the news is a dick

As I sit here on train trip eve watching the evening news I was half listening to a story about an alleged, well, now convicted torturing Chicago police Captain. Terrible story and then the news cut to one of the alleged victims and I’m letting that alleged stick because supposed tortureees are coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches. So they cut to this dude and he screams into the microphone

“They squozed my genicals! HARD! and when I yelt fo help, NO ONE CAME!”

really. That was the best interview you could muster? Way to take a bad story and turn that frown upside down. Way to make ME the dick because I can’t stop saying  squozed my genicals. Now if they could prove that the afore mentioned squozing made Dude that way me thinks there could be some records set in the civil settlement arena. But part of me thinks that local CBS just got lazy. either way the news is a dick.

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