Lets start with the train

Trains are transportation that stopped evolving in this country sometime around the nineteen fifties by my estimation. Tiny adults, children, midgets, dwarves, pigmies, you get the picture. Trains are by no means meant for the big and tall. Some of you from other countries my be going down the Fat American track and I will politely request that you shut it because this train was taking me between two destinations in these United States. If you are above below average size in any way, prone to claustrophobia or motion sickness, STAY OFF THE TRAIN!


Katie and I crammed into the smaller compartment. Note the reflection of her feet resting on my seat. We had to alternate inside outside leg position as to not sit knee to knee.


This is the view from the hall. The line above her head is our bunk folded up.


This is the relative Palace that the other three were packed inside. Liza is catching up on Glee, Maggie reading, and Max using the bottom “mattress” as a back rest on the upper bunk.


That’s the sink. Behind it is the shoilet (shower toilet) Max was contemplating a shower dump but his roommates were appalled so he ditched the idea. I thought I got a good picture of it but the choo choo was going through a rough patch of track and everything was blurry.The next pic was the only one that really turned out.


It doesn’t do it justice but imagine a port-a-potty with a shower and you are there. I’ve got wedding stuff to do but I’ll post more later.

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