what water rafting

Liza is a vacationer that likes to try and cram an entire area into whatever time that you might have to enjoy it. That means you should have something planned during any and all apparent breaks in scheduled activity. I on the other hand am more of a lets just enjoy hanging out together and go with the flow kind of person. I don’t mind a loose plan but if everyone doesn’t want to partake, OK by me. So it was without warning or vote that we were all going to go whitewater rafting our first day in Oregon.

Sooo, why not make your first family outing of this kind on an intermediate rapid just to make things interesting? Because the speech at the beginning scares the shit out of the kids for one reason. The second would be your family hating your guts as they freeze down death river. It is easy to look back and say we had a good time and there are some good stories and memories but it was definitely the last one of these we do as a group. And now some pictures from the trip taken by the chase van.


Katie and I pushing hard. Notice the disturbing helmet that all the guides wore.


I think Katie spotted the picture goof.


Maggie is the best warning face of what is to come.


That one seriously scared the crap out of me.


Katie has both Maggie and Max secured and the guide looks scared. This is just before we got hung up on the rocks, almost capsized, and had to get rescued by another boat. good times.


Weird that we didn’t get any pictures from the company on that whole little episode. I am paddling like a mule after a carrot trying to get the ride over with.

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