Dearly Beloved

We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life. Sorry, the title took me down a Prince lyric track for a second there. We are currently sitting at the hotel waiting for Liza’s passport to arrive (Thanks Megan and George!) as her wallet was stolen two days ago and it turns out that you need ID to fly these days. So I have a little time to talk about the wedding.


Yup. flip flops in the woods for the big guy but one must adapt to ones environment in order to blend in.


Like a postcard. Very cool, my cousin and her new husband are awesome.


That is the happy face of a man that’s done. Holy Grey Rally Stripe in my beard!

I know I promised some video and I do in fact have it but the files are massive and I have to figure out how to edit them down. Or least get in touch with the video guy and get a small clip of his professional stuff. Working on it…

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