back to some writing and goings on

I quit my job today. pause. No shit I up and quit. I had all I could stands and could not stands no more. I did not however do this without forethought and some planning. Let me explain.

To do my current job correctly and under an ever increasing set of circumstances I would have had to substantially increase my travel. This was unacceptable to both my family and myself so about two weeks ago I started dropping not so subtle hints around my former industry that I might be in the job market again.Long boring story short I got an offer. After talking things over with the family I took the new gig today and bid farewell to my current employer as well. Or so I thought.

I started a minor shite tsunami that ended with me talking to my boss and him asking me to work out my notice. Who does that? I wanted this all as time off to get some stuff done. Ridiculous but they are going to pay me so this short timer has a couple weeks of slacking to get too. I know that this will turn into a save attempt but I am too crafty for that. I know all too well that if you allow yourself to be saved you are just buying The Man time to replace you. But it wont hurt to let them try especially since the new job is a pay cut.

This might seem stupid but everyone in the family agreed and a little less money at this point in our lives is something we can handle if it means I am home almost every night and can get back to obsessing about things other than work. I just had a feeling that my priorities were completely out of whack and it was time to get them back in. Whack that is, and I’m really not sure what that is by the way but I feel it is the place that I need to be.

In the new gig I will be responsible for, me. That’s it. weird. They are going to pay me for this? Yup. Now I just need to finish out my sentence and take a quick mental health week before the new venture. It should work out and if it doesn’t I’ll find something else because there are plenty of jobs out there for people that can sell themselves and I actually like the whole interview process. I treat it like a game to be won and if I don’t I get pissed. I came to this job looking just like I will to the next one.

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