sitting here steaming

I was trying to be the better man in this whole parting ways with my current job thing but they are driving me to the precipice of a full-on flip out. My enemy, who doesn’t know that he holds that distinction because he treats everyone below him like shit and has no idea how people really feel, has decided to start the smear campaign before I have officially left the job. So now as I am supposed to keep working over the next two weeks I am neck deep in shit talk and lies ONE DAY IN.

Maybe their plan is to wind me up to the point that I snap and cripple this idiot taking the problem off of their plates for a while but I will not give that particular satisfaction. In fact I will be having a chat with my boss tomorrow and let him know just how I feel about the a-hole and use him as the reason that I will be taking the next two weeks off with pay. I am going to watch my friends lose at softball and then go out drinking with them so I’m good and cranky for tomorrow mornings festivities.

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