flipped the eff out and now I feel better

This is the last I’m going to write about this job nonsense for a while because its beginning to bore me and I am the one living through it. Day one of my “go ahead and work your last two weeks” didn’t go so well. The a-hole that I now consider my arch enemy decided to conduct a mini Tom Sucks Telethon with my teams in both locations so I decided to slowly come unglued. The face punch that I am fantasizing about could never live up to my expectations but the thought of mashing this dudes nose flat never fails to bring a smile to my face.

So I turned in my car and am officially helping out with anything they need until my sentence is up. The car was just another way that they had me and I wanted nothing to do with it. Now meetings must be scheduled on MY time which will probably be inconvenient for anyone else. I am tired but luckily our ridiculous neighborhood men’s group has a meeting this evening and George is walking this way as I type.

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