I lied yesterday

I had me an exit interview today and not only am I writing about it but I flipped out again in the midst. As previously stated I was going to calmly walk away from this gig until I was attacked. Then it was ON. What started as your run o the mill exit talk turned into me strapping on a flamethrower and blaming everything that’s wrong with the company as it currently stands on the afore mentioned a-hole enemy.

By the time we were finished the HR person had a specific mapped out plan on how to prove most of my points including his current smear campaign against me. In asserting that I was bad at my job he places himself in a management trick bag. If I was so bad then why all the good things in my file? extra work, a merit increase, etc. and not ONE bad ANYTHING. Because his management style, and in fact, the way he chooses to roll as a human being sodomizes a puppy.

I have made it known through not so subtle backchannels that I would love nothing more that to meet him wherever and whenever for a beer a chat and a fight. He fancies himself a wrestler even coaching his kids to multiple championships so he should easily be able to mop the floor with me. We shall see if he answers the call but it is very clear that me parting ways with this company is the best thing for my overall well being. Its hot out so I think I’ll leave it out. Have a good Friday.

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