I realized just yesterday that I really don’t like talking about myself. Strange when I have this entire narcissistic stupidtom thing dedicated to nothing but doing just that… I think its the whole live and in person face to face thing. (OK I need to stop right now or this will turn into the post where I kept saying thing) I do whatever I can to change the subject and switch the conversation back to the person or people I’m talking with. I am better than “enough about me lets talk about you” but whatever trickery I use has the same results. I caught myself three different times with people who wanted to talk about my current “situation.”

Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good conversation hogging story but its the really personal data that I hold closer to the vest. Weird but just another thing (crap, sorry) in this never-ending journey of self discovery. I have a couple of funny things (that shouldn’t count) saved up but right now I am still a bit salty over the way leaving my job just went down. Luckily I have a weekend with my friends planned in a couple weeks that should erase my brain and fill it with ball busting man time. Already George is threatening to spend the majority of the time at the lake in the nude but I think it might be a ploy to get a room to himself.

The girls are both heading out to Catholic Heart Work Camp tomorrow so the boy will be an only child for a week and he couldn’t be happier. I have some stuff for both the old and new jobs as well as some projects around the house but other than that I will need to find some stuff for us to do.

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